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Nabduino Board

The Nabduino board is an open source, peer-to-peer, remote access Arduino compliant board with a user modifiable web-interface developed by Nabto.

The board is based on Nabto's patented uNabto web server framework that allows secure, direct communication between browsers (+ apps) and devices behind firewalls. Without configuring a bit in the firewall or setting up DynDNS. Learn more about Nabto.

Nabduino Intro Video

Nabduino Introduction

Nabduino Relay Video

Nabduino Relay Introduction

Lecture at Mercantec (Danish)

Nabduino Lecture

Getting Started

Nabduino is a prototype board, providing you with access to Nabto’s patented technology, which automatically creates a direct encrypted connection to a device behind a firewall, without configuring the firewall.

What Do I Get?

The physical product box you receive, when you buy a nabduino should look something like this:

Nabduino Board Nabduino Board

Understanding the Label

Nabduino Label

Information on the Label

  • Device id <nn.nabduino.net>
  • A QR code representation of the device id
  • The MAC address <bc:a4:e1:00:4f:f0>
  • A pre-shared secret key (which is used by the device to authenticate itself to central services)
  • The MAC and pre-shared key is flashed into the firmware's application data area

But please do not loose device id and secret key! Especially if you start to make your own firmware and accidentally make a mistake, when you are flashing the board. If the two are lost, they cannot be reshipped to you.

Contents of the Box

  • A 220v (or 110v) power supply (EU)
  • A Nabduino board
Nabduino Box Nabduino Box Nabduino Box

Connecting to your Nabduino

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect your Nabduino board to the same network switch as your PC (ethernet cable is not inclosed in the package).
  2. Connect power to the board (the yellow light will come on indicating it has power, and the red light will flash briefly).
  3. Start your favorite browser and enter the Nabduino ID.
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox and you have not previously installed the plugin, you are asked whether to install the plugin or to go directly to the device. We recommend that you install the plugin to get faster access to the device (see below).
  5. In all other cases you are connected to the device immediately (if you do not have an account, just login as Guest).
  6. If your Nabduino is connected to the internet, you can now also access it remotely via for example your smartphone or tablet.

​Internet Explorer and Firefox Notes

If you choose to install the plugin, you will now see the plugin download page - please select the appropriate download. Enter the Nabduino ID again and you are now connected to your Nabduino board (If login is required login as Guest).

An alternative approach to manually entering the device id is to start by installing the browser plugin: Go to nabto.com and download an appropriate browser plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can discover devices on your local area network.


Prebuilt application images

This section contains prebuilt images of the Nabduino application firmware. Use these to restore the original firmware on our Nabduino if you have been programming it or to update to the latest firmware release.

Prebuilt bootloader images

This section contains prebuilt images of bootloader for the different versions of the Nabduino boards.


  • Starterkit uNabto source code and documentation, including the Nabduino project.
  • Microchip Application Libraries Note: Make sure to select the "Legacy MLA" tab as the current MLA does not include the TCP/IP stack! Contains the TCP/IP stack used on the Nabduino.


  • Nabto Updater. Command line tool used to download new firmware to the Nabduino using the Nabduinos Ethernet based bootloader. Requires the .NET framework 4.0 Client Profile.Requires Mono to run on Linux.
  • Nabto browser plugins Client side Nabto resources
  • MPLAB.X Microchip Download MPLAB® X IDE. Note: When installing MPLAB.X Don't install the XC compilers. Instead install the MPLAB C18 compiler described below.
  • MPLAB C18 compiler Download MPLAB® C18 Lite Compiler for PIC18 MCUs version 3.44 or newer The Linux compiler can be found via the Microchip forum at http://www.microchip.com/forums/m705336.aspx .
  • Bray terminal A serial port terminal for Windows - very handy when working with microcontrollers.


  • Datasheet Datasheet for the Nabduino
  • PIC18F67J60 Datasheet Datasheet for the microcontroller used on the Nabduino board
  • Nabto Nabduino lessons A slideshow that explains the Nabto architecture, programming a micro web server, Client API, build & burn, cases etc.
  • Nabduino user manual User manual for Nabduino containing information about getting started, updating, demo application etc.
  • Nabto Updater user manual User manual for the Nabto Updater tool used for updating the firmware on the Nabduino.

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